Reducing Harm

Our drug recovery page provides an overview of our approach to working with individuals with drug use that is impacting on themselves and others around them.

All of the work we do looks to reduce harm and build successes, which in turn enables individuals to reach recovery, which to us is maximising their independence and reaching their potential.

This page we will provide an outline on some of the work we do which focusses on reducing harm

Reducing harm

One Recovery Bucks (ORB) is committed to promoting health and wellbeing and preventing drug related harm that meets people where they are at. We do not force or coerce treatment goals, but develop and agree targets with individuals we work with whilst always promoting and encouraging an individual to maximise their independence.

The interventions and services we offer are an effective blend of harm reduction initiatives alongside recovery-oriented activities and programmes.

ORB focuses on reducing the risks and adverse health consequences associated with unsafe drug use, in particular  blood borne viruses (BBV’s).

Our principles enable us to provide services that effectively reduce the harms associated with drug use to the individuals using them and those around them. Our non-judgemental approach is pivotal to us engaging individuals, we treat every person with dignity, respect and compassion. We involve service users in our service development so we can ensure we are moving forward in a direction that not only our service user’s want, but that will benefit them. We value the safety and wellbeing of the people who use our services, they are at the centre of everything we at ORB do.

Strategies and activities for reducing harm vary according to the substance in question, however some of the interventions and activities we provide which are proven to reduce harm include:

  • Peer involvement and education
  • Needle and syringe programmes (NSPs)
  • Overdose prevention education
  • Naloxone training and distribution to individual and those around them (professionals and family members/friends)
  • Blood borne virus screening and enhanced pathways for testing, treatment and support
  • Health MOT clinics
  • Prescribing therapies