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Get involved

We have a great framework which enables people to get involved in helping and supporting others within One Recovery Bucks.

There are lot’s of different layers of involvementavailable which means we have people who are in treatment with us, those who are no longer need our service and those that have never used our service! We value the knowledge and experience a wide range of people from different backgrounds can bring to our service and are committed to utilise this to it’s full potential.

We strongly believe in a visible and vibrant recovery community to assist other at all stages of their treatment journeys.

The new model brings in some exciting changes; people are able to get involved earlier in their recovery journey and can now progress further.

The Volunteer scheme is underpinned by our core principles:

  • Participation grows recovery
  • All lived experience is valid and valued
  • You do not have to be fully recovered or have had a drug or alcohol problem to help
  • Giving, Learning, Connecting is good for you (with safeguards)
  • Recovery supporters, recovery mentors and volunteers complement paid staff they do not replace them
  • No-one should be out of pocket or burned out from working for us
  • Match skills and abilities to roles
  • Match training and support to levels of responsibility
  • Everyone is not suited to all types of work
  • We want a transparent system that everyone understands
  • Confidentiality and the perception of confidentiality needs to be maintained
  • Too much responsibility too early can be hazardous for all concerned
  • Boundaries need to be practiced (with support) to be learned
  • Time limits are a guide – individualised progress
  • Learn and develop at your own pace with guidance
  • If someone relapses we will continue to support their development

More detailed information will be available shortly.